Super Meteors Basketball

Super Meteors National Alliance for Sports Excellence

In February 2024, the Super Meteors Basketball team embarked on a transformative journey, launching an innovative ally initiative aimed at fostering a stronger, more connected sports community. This initiative underscores our commitment to promoting sports well-being, excellence, and the shared values that drive us forward. On this dedicated page, we proudly showcase our allies— a dynamic network of nonprofits and governing bodies that are pivotal in advancing our cause. Each ally has been carefully selected for their unwavering dedication to enhancing the sports landscape, supporting athletes, and championing the principles that resonate with the Super Meteors’ mission. Together, we are working hand in hand to create an inclusive environment where passion for sports and commitment to excellence pave the way for a brighter, more vibrant future. Join us in celebrating the collaborations that are setting new benchmarks in sports well-being and excellence.

Together, For Our Future!

Buckets Over Bullying is a Chicago-based non-profit initiative whose mission is to stop cyberbullying of children and teens through education, lawmaking and legal action.

Salilasnet-Noula Corp is a a nonprofit organization in South Shore, Massachusetts. Their mission is to provide support to the Haitian community by hosting fundraisers and basketball events.