Super Meteors Basketball


Staff Members of The Super Meteors Corporation

Our Staff

Senior Leadership

Xiang Liu

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marc Evens-Guillaumette

Vice President


Joshua Hubbard

Chief Development Officer


Scott Hejna

Director of Internal Affairs and Partnerships

Branch Directors

Kenneth Proby Jr

Director of Columbus, OH and Development Officer

Robert Becton Jr

Director of Princeton & Trenton, NJ and Development Officer

Marc Evens-Guillaumette

Director of South Shore & Boston, MA and Development Officer

Star Fitzgerald-Greer

Director of Harlem & Manhattan, NY

Cody Morland

Director of Orlando, FL

Aaron Allen

Director of Los Angeles, CA

Freddie Bryant

Director of Sacramento, CA

Timothy Madden

Director of Huntsville, AL

Tyrike Davis

Director of Chicago, IL

Timothy Madden

Director of Huntsville, AL

Jacob Robichaux

Director of Baton Rouge, LA and Development Officer

Keith Duncan

Director of Lake County, FL

Joshua Hubbard

Director of Alta Loma, CA and Head of Development

Semaj White

Director of Mesa, AZ and Development Officer

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